Ashley Peña “Greatness”

“Don’t agree with anyone that tells you that you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, educated enough, rich enough etc. People will project their own fears onto you every single day but you do not have to agree. Society has told all of us we aren’t good enough for MILLENIA. The true issue is that we have AGREED with those statements. I am still very young but I lived most of my life in fear of rejection and in fear of not being good enough for others, fear of success, fear of my body. I walked every single day IN FEAR OF MY GREATNESS.

My past self would have never believed she could be a model or do anything that I currently do. I was too short, too over weight, too insecure, not beautiful enough etc. It took me years to realize that those beliefs were not my own beliefs to begin with. I incarnated on this earth TO BE GREAT. Your mind will give your true self a million reasons as to why it shouldn’t do the GREAT THINGS you are called to do but they are not true. Your TRUE SELF is confident, fearless, limitless and WORTHY of every great thing the world has to offer. I STILL have to remind myself of that every day and have devoted my life to passing that message forward.”
~ Ashley Peña

Photography by Cashmere Images.


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