Curv Christmas “Jazmine Monroe”

Photography by Lusk Photo. Learn more about Jazmine here.

Joby Bach “The Naked Truth”

Photography by Mauricio Ortiz. Hair and Makeup by Catherine Lavoie. Bra designed by Jason Noel. Photo retouched by Nathalie Chapdelaine. Learn more about Joby...

Khrystyana “Vulnerable”

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” – Chris Jami Photography and Art...

Peaches “LaFamilia Doll”

Photography by Deanos. See more of Peaches at peaches_lafamilia on Instagram.

Becca “Black Bodysuit”

See more of Becca at miss_b_0708 on Instagram.

Amalie “Romance”

See more of Amalie at scandinaviandreamgurl on Instagram.

Stefania Ferrario “Mannequin Challenge”

Photography by Michelle George. See more of Stefania Ferrario at stefania_model on Instagram.

Pamela Alexandra “Desert Safari Dubai”

Pamela at the Desert Safari in Dubai. Learn more about Pamela here.

Tiffany Cappottelli “Milk Bath”

Photography by 198d Photography See more of Tiffany at and tifftiffrosee on Instagram.

Jazmine Monroe “Jazmine Doll”

Photography by Lusk Photo. Learn more about Jazmine here.


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