Essie Dennis

I’m Essie Dennis and I’m from the UK. I’m 5’4 and my measurements are 34DD-31-44. I’ve been modeling for years now, but often my height and shape has hindered me. Most agencies don’t want women like me but the industry is changing and becoming more inclusive. After battling with anorexia, I hope to inspire people with to find their way out of disordered eating and into a happier, healthier mental state. Self-hate is an epidemic and it must be overcome. I would like other young people to know what can be achieved once they accept themselves. To remember that no matter what a parent, teacher, friend or stranger says, they deserve to be happy no matter what.

My two major passions have been academia and modeling, and I love being able to incorporate both into my life. They represent different sides of me: when modeling gets me down I can lose myself in my work, and when I find my work too heavy modeling is uplifting.

Instagram: khal_essie
Twitter: khal_essie

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